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Guest blogger Frankie Leung let’s us know the worst golf range Hong Kong in today’s post. Firstly, if you’re one of those eternal optimists, and want to know what the best golf range Hong Kong is, then head on over to this post:

I’ve been to every single golf range Hong Kong and let me tell ya all, choosing the worst golf range Hong Kong is no easy task because we’re unfortunate enough to live in a city that some say is the worst city in the world to be a golfer in. Okay so that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it’s definitely not one of the best cities when it comes to golf. In selecting the worst golf range Hong Kong i considered several factors: location from Central (not a big factor since if you don’t live in Central it doesn’t really apply). The next factor was quality and age of golf balls, then quality of mats, then quality of the actual range (where you hit balls to), and finally the overall experience of spending time at the golf range Hong Kong.

So who came out on top (or is it the bottom?) (sounds like something you’d ask after an accidental encounter with a Bangkok ladyboy, but I digress). Keep reading to find out which golf range Hong Kong is the worst. For solely experience, I rate Nine Eagles Golf Course up there with the worst of them. Sure, it’s closing down and is not really a true driving range but it’s chipping green makes it a place to practice and you can read a review of Nine eagles over at Okay so now it’s the time of truth, what is the worst golf range Hong Kong? The award goes to…Tai Po Golf Park. Yes, Tai Po Golf Park is shite. There’s no other words for it, from the moment you drive up to, you know you’re in for something special and not in a good way.

Golf Range Hong Kong

This golf range Hong Kong is just a sorry excuse for a driving range and should be ashamed to call itself a driving range. In fact, sorry, my bad, it doesnt, it calls it self Tai Po Golf Park, and that is actually very misleading because the only thing resembling a park is that its outside. The balls are old, the range is old, everything is rusting and about to either fall of, or fall apart, the range itself is just some unkept field, the mats are old and worn, it’s like hitting off concrete, and everything about this golf range Hong Kong is just…shite.

On the bright side, I mean you can hit balls here okay, and if you live in Tai Po or near Tai Po, you might be tempted to head down here to practice. If you’re having a golf lesson in Hong Kong, it’s okay, you’ll be more focused on learning to play golf and not where you’re actually learning, so for that purpose, this golf range Hong Kong is fine. But if you’re looking for something nice and relaxing, this golf range Hong Kong is not the place to go.