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Tathata Golf Announces Pre-Sales For Its Certified Movement Specialist Program Are Underway

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, January 11, 2016 – Tathata Golf, A Golf Instruction and Education Company, is proud to announce the pre-sale for becoming a Certified Movement Specialist has begun.

“We are excited to announce the Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialist Program is launching February 5th, 2016,” said Bryan Hepler, Developer and Founder of Tathata Golf. “Top golf instructors, fitness professionals, physical education providers, high school coaches, and collegiate coaches around the world are joining the movement today. These early adapters will be on the forefront of revolutionizing an industry and launch with Tathata Golf to the world in 2016.”

From now until the February 5th launch, Tathata Golf is offering a pre-sale price of $745. Starting February 5th, the program will be $895.

The Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialist program introduces a completely new type of golf education, instruction, and training for professionals in the golf, fitness, and education industries. Through a variety of individual and group training options and packages, students of all ages, body types and ability levels are able to learn and improve at a pace never before seen in the game of golf with the help of the most extensively trained individuals in the industry. Helping students before, during or after completion of the 60-Day Program, Certified Movement Specialists are thoroughly prepared to assess, correct and dramatically enhance Tathata student’s movement performance and understanding.

The Certified Movement Specialist program offers full post-certification support for the teaching entrepreneur including access to the Tathata Golf business model, marketing kit and operations/training materials to help individuals generate revenue and advance their careers.

“This is the first golf instruction, education and training certification that goes far beyond just an education and recognition, providing full support for the Certified Movement Specialists and their daily operations once they become certified,” added Hepler. “Never has a brand or company done so much for you after you become certified.”

The Tathata Golf business model allows Certified Movement Specialists to receive a percentage of every Tathata Golf product that they share with new and current students. Simply by sharing their own personalized TathataGolf.com URL they can start generating revenue the minute they are certified. Certified Movement Specialists also keep 100% of their teaching revenue! Although we help market, promote and drive traffic to Certified Movement Specialists, we never take any percentage of any training or teaching revenue that they generate.

Certified Movement Specialists also benefit from access to a variety of several pre-made marketing materials to help promote themselves, their Tathata training and a variety of Tathata Golf products across different mediums. The Tathata Golf Certified marketing kit includes all the assets needed to grow including print, email and electronic/online materials to help market and promote the teaching and training package offerings, the Tathata Golf 60-Day In-Home Training Program, and all other Tathata Golf products.

In addition to the business model and marketing kit to support daily operations, Tathata Golf also provide the materials needed to deliver a variety of world-class training experiences. Among the items included in the materials are training videos, lesson for training materials, individual/small group assessment forms, group training templates and curriculums, and many other useful materials.

As an added bonus, Certified Movement Specialists receive continued education credits upon completion of the training program from the LPGA and other professional golf, yoga, and personal training organizations. They also receive FREE 6 months of certification upon completion of the training program. The cost is $119.95/year after.

“The Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialist program is a perfect fit for ??golf instructors, personal trainers?, ?yoga? teachers, and more looking to grow their ??brand? and supplement their monthly ??income?,” continued Hepler. “Take advantage of the pre-sales savings window today and become part of one of the largest movements of growing the game through better golf the sport has ever experienced.”????

Visit tathatagolf.com and click on the Moment Specialists tab to purchase the training program.

About Tathata Golf:
Founded by Bryan Hepler of Hepler Golf LLC, Tathata is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2010, the company has been strategically developing the Tathata Golf brand, products, facility and logistics to offer a unique and innovative Mind, Body, Swing and Life line of products. The company has unprecedented support and strength from individuals and organizations in the game of golf. The overall mission of Tathata Golf is to help golfers and instructors everywhere become their greatness through unique practices designed to build strength within their golf game as well as their total life.