Nine Eagles Golf Tuition

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Nine Eagles Golf Lessons Hong Kong

If you’re wanting to improve your Hong Kong golf game and want to take some golf tuition from a Hong Kong golf coach that will make an immediate difference to your game, try a playing lesson at Nine Eagles. Nine Eagles is not bad for some short game golf lessons and is one of just a few places the general public in Hong Kong can practice their short game.  To be honest the course isn’t great for the following reason. People usually build these nine hole golf courses for beginners, or for good players to have a quick nine.  The course for beginner Hong Kong golfers is not easy at all. The third hole is short, only around 70 yards, but it’s an island green surrounded by bunkers. For a beginner, if you get in that bunker good luck getting out. It’s a challenge for a good player.  There’s also an island green surrounded by water. The course is far too short for a good player, or even a good hacker, and too difficult for a beginner. Well not too difficult, but our Hong Kong golf coaches have done their fair share of teaching at Nine Eagles Golf and beginners can struggle. However, overall, and considering all things (e.g golf lessons in Hong Kong are difficult to come by), it’s not a bad place for taking a playing lesson in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Golf School can pick you up from Central and various locations on Hong Kong Island, and take you out the course. It’s basically at the airport, so about 25-30 minutes.  If you have any airline mileage card or a credit card such as the American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card, you can get about $100 off the green fee.   What you can learn at this Hong Kong Golf Lesson facility is course management and chipping. The starter is a bit anal, (showing up to your tee time early even though there’s nobody playing), you might be lucky to tee off early.   Out Hong Kong golf coaches give this place a 6 out of 10, it’s just not a great experience and we really only go there for lack of anything better.

To find out more about taking a golf lesson in Hong Kong at Nine Eagles from our Hong Kong Golf Coaches, call us on 3008 5755 or email us on our contact page.  Prices start at $3,000 including transportation out, green fees and drinks and the playing lesson will take about an hour and a half to two hours depending on how many cracker jacks are in front of you. Another bummer is that it’s supposed to be closing down some time this year to make for a shopping mall, which is great because Hong Kong really needs another shopping mall as the 178 of them are clearly not enough…