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Marriott Golf Academy Named One of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters By Golf Digest Magazine Master clubfitter Randy Doucette recognized as one of the premier clubfitters in USA; Doucette works with tour players, celebrities and golfers of all ages and skill levels.

ORLANDO, Fla. – September 1, 2015 … The acclaimed Marriott Golf Academy™, located at Marriott’s Grande Vista resort in Orlando, Fla., today announced that it has been recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as one of America’s 100 Best Clubfitters. Under the guidance of Master Clubfitter, Randy Doucette, Marriott Golf Academy is home to The Club Fitter’s Workshop™, a premier facility that offers dynamic club fitting sessions designed to assess a golfer’s game, calibrate their static measurements and determine the ideal equipment that will help maximize their performance.

Marriott Golf Academy was among a group of more than 700 Clubfitters considered for this prestigious recognition. The process for determining America’s 100 Best Clubfitters is based on the following criteria: (1) The facility must be accessible to the public. (2) It must offer an array of clubs from top manufacturers. (3) It must earn high marks from Golf Digest’s course-rating panelists and industry sources.

Marriott Golf Academy™ offers a wide range of expert instructional programming for golfers of all skill levels, including 2- and 3-day golf schools, 3-hour full swing & short game sessions, private lessons, on-course instruction, corporate programs, junior programs and a selection of programs and services from the Club Fitter’s Workshop™, an important complement to any golf instructional experience. The Club Fitter’s Workshop™ is equipped with Trackman®, the most advanced launch monitor, swing analysis technology and software program in the industry, along with the leading putter fitting systems in the marketplace.

A long-time member of the Marriott family, Doucette has been the Master Club Fitter at Marriott Golf Academy in Orlando since 1996, and has worked closely with many Tour players, celebrities, and golfers of all ages and skill levels. A one-on-one dynamic clubfitting session under Doucette’s guidance is designed to assess a golfer’s game by calibrating their static measurements and determining the appropriate length and grip size, then analyzing performance with different shaft flexes to determine what best suits a golfer’s swing.

Once this critical information has been attained, a personal equipment recommendation, which includes set make-up, lengths, lie angles, grip size, grip type and shaft flexes, is created. The Club Fitter’s WorkshopTM offers precise equipment options from the industry’s top manufacturers and a personalized set of golf clubs will be created to provide golfers with the ideal equipment to match their game.

Moreover, since being designated as a TaylorMade® Tuned Performance Premier Fitting Center in 2014, the Club Fitter’s Workshop™ offers even more precise equipment options from the industry’s leading equipment manufacturer. While TaylorMade-adidas Golf has an expanded presence, other leading equipment brands are also available to accommodate the unique swing characteristics and preferences of all golfers.

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