kau sai chau hole 4

Kau Sau Chau Playing Lessons – East Course Hole 4

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The 4th Hole at Kau Sai Chau is one of our favourite short Par 4’s.  It plays just over 300 yards from the blue tees but with the elevated tee, it’s about 270 to the green. Longer hitters can easily reach this but is the risk worth the reward.  Every time we’ve played this hole we’ve gone for it and it’s resulted in a mixture of scores, couple of birdies, lot of pars and a couple of bogeys.  Hitting the fairway with an iron is also deceiving as the elevation makes it play a lot shorter than it appears.  Whether you’re taking a golf lesson in Hong Kong with your Hong Kong Golf Coach or just playing for fun, if you hit it in the jungle, then the drop area is a long way back.   To play this Hong Kong golf hole safely, just it a 5 or svn 6 iron off the tee, it’ll still leave you with less than a 100 yards into a pretty large green, but make sure you know the distance to your landing spot, this is where a rangefinder can come in handy as I’m sure you’ll find yourself hitting less club off the tee when you know the exact distance to where you want to play your second from.

If you choose to hit driver, aim for the left side of the green, there’s some bail out area to the left and quite often the grass is long which will help your ball stop from rolling into the dense bush that surrounds pretty much every hole at Kau Sai Chau.

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