Junior Golf Lessons

Junior Golf Lessons

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If you have kids and are trying to find junior golf lessons in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Golf School has a few options for you to consider. If you think you have the next Tiger Woods (less the fetish for big breasted blondes), and want your kid to have private one-on-one junior golf lessons, we can have one of our Hong Kong golf coaches arrange this at a schedule convenient to you.

If you’re just looking for something different for your kids to do, or they’ve expressed an interest to take junior golf lessons in Hong Kong, then we have Golf Professionals who hold Junior Golf Clinics at various locations around HK and throughout the year. If your kids don’t have clubs, and think golf isn’t going to be a fly by night thing for them, we strongly recommend you purchase a set for your kids’ junior golf lessons as they’re very inexpensive. Whilst the Hong Kong Golf School Junior Golf Lessons provide clubs, it’s always a good idea to get the right size for your kid.

How old does your kid need to be in order to start taking junior golf lessons in Hong Kong? As with most things, it really depends on each child but in general, we recommend waiting until at least 5 years old although if you have a child who is disciplined enough to last through a 1 hr golf lesson, then by all means bring them along. But for most kids, below 5-6 is really just baby sitting. Our Junior golf coaches are experienced enough to adapt to each child’s needs and even if the purpose of the junior golf lessons is to give you some free time, we have no problems fulfilling the babysitting role. We’ll make junior golf lessons fun and in most cases the kids we teach are dying to come back.

Some of the junior golf lessons are given inside. Parents ask us if this is suitable. Well honestly, we always prefer to teach outside but sometimes it’s just not possible, and sometimes almost impossible to do that. Our indoor golf center is one of the best in Hong Kong and the simulators, in general, provide a very realistic experience so don’t worry too much about your kid taking junior golf lessons at one of our indoor center locations. Our indoor locations are also much more accessible and central (literally) and most parents actually prefer our indoor golf simulators so they drop their kids off and pick them up easily.

During School holidays, we offer a range of different junior golf lessons and kids golf clinics so check back here regularly as we post more information including pricing, lesson schedules, dates and times. The Hong Kong Golf School is one of the leaders when it comes to Junior Golf Lessons in Hong Kong so please get in touch with us to find out more information about getting your kid into golf in Hong Kong.