How To Choose The Best Golf Coach in Hong Kong For You

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First up, the Hong Kong golf coach that you choose should be qualified. Look for PGA or some form of association with a recognised golf school. These golf coaches can be trusted but probably cost more. The best golf coaches in Hong Kong always stay up to date with the latest in golf instruction theories and teahcing methods, as well as technology. The Hong Kong Golf School provides post lesson online analysis including videos of your golf swing by request and all of our golf instructors keep up with the latest golf technologies to make sure you get the most our of your golf lesson in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong golf coach should work with you to identify flaws in your game and give you a “game plan” so you know what to work on outside the lesson. They should know what you can and cannot figure out and understand your best learning style. If you spot that the Hong Kong golf coach isnt that interested in listening to you obviousluy this is a sign to look for someone else.

First impressions count and if on your first lesson at the Hong Kong Golf School, you don’t feel comfortable with your Hong Kong golf coach, please don’t be afraid to ask for someone else. It’s in both parties’ interests to find someone you’re comfortable with and can relate to. Try to make sure that your Hong Kong golf coach introduces different instruction if something is not working. Certain tips and drills work for some players but not for others and many of the unqualified golf coaches in Hong Kong have one tip they try to teach every person. Experienced golf trainers know many tips and tricks that amateur golfers in general don’t know. Take advantage of their knowledge to prevent bad habits and gain knowledge of the golf swing, and in particular, YOUR golf swing.

While many Hong Kong golf coaches can charge a lot of money to provide you the golf training, don’t go with someone who is clearly interested in only the money – they must be genuinely interested in your golf and making you get better. If your golf instructor is working with you just for the money, you’re probably not going to get better. The golf coach has got to have appropriate and essential learning aids which can help you develop the game. They should be prepared to be patient with your faults and work with you on the golf course, although there are usually extra charges for you. Ask the golf coach if they will do a 30 minute trial lesson – many will and this can be a good way to get to know if you will be compatible.