Hong Kong Golf Instruction

Hong Kong Golf Instruction

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This post titled Hong Kong Golf Instruction is contributed by guest blogger Jerry Hewson. Jerry has been involved in different areas of Hong Kong golf instruction for over a decade and now plays off a 12 handicap.

Beginner Hong Kong golf instruction is vital for all newcomers to golf. The reason Hong Kong golf instruction should be taken seriously is because it can help you avoid all the bad habits that other Hong Kong golfers pick up. How can you form bad habits? Bad habits are formed from trying to teach yourself golf in Hong Kong without any instruction whatsoever. This is the key to disaster in my opinion but I know there’s certain people with wonderful talents and are quite capable of reaching a particular standard in whatever their field of activity is. But no matter how much talent someone may have, there comes a stage when they are going to need that little bit of extra help. Hong Kong golf instruction can provide this extra help for many golfers. Most golfers, male and female will tell you that eventually they had to refer to some form of lessons, whether it was in the form of hiring a coach, which can be extremely expensive.

When bad habits are formed it is very difficult to eliminate them from your Hong Kong golf game. More times than not these habits are formed in the swing. For example, breaking the wrist action too soon which results in your swing angle straying from the correct arc, this has the effect of coming into ball impact at a slight degree off kilter. When this occurs it will strike the ball off centre resulting in your drive sending the ball across the fairway rather than on the fairway, and more than likely into the rough, or out of bounds. Hong Kong golf instruction can help and I recommend you take a golf lesson in Hong Kong from the Hong Kong Golf School.

This can very easily be rectified. As a total beginner, Hong Kong golf instruction with simple diagrams and easy to follow script you can eliminate this problem before it starts. Another element of bad habits is preparation. It is so easy to become lazy and not bother with the preparatory routines which are vital to any golfers game. You must take time out to prepare for your round of golf. Golf is just like any other sport, you must do a warm up session to loosen your muscles and joints. These only take between ten to fifteen minutes to do, and you will feel so much more relaxed, and less prone to injury.

The driving range can lead to unbelievable bad habits and Hong Kong golf instruction will help you avoid these pitfalls. For instance do you take the time to work on your stance. Do you try to hit the ball out of the grounds instead of developing a slow methodical swing pattern. Are you using the correct tee, or are you just driving off the ranges tee. More times than not these tees are worn down, or too tall, or even too small. If this is the case do you bother to go into the assistant and ask for a different size tee. I guarantee you do not. Are the mats worn down so much that you are nearly standing in a hole? More times than not they are.

You are at the best stage right now, and as a total beginner, Hong Kong golf instruction is the best way to go if you want to avoid these aforementioned pitfalls which eventually ruin your game and keep you in the mediocre zone of golf for ever. What I have mentioned above are only a few of the problems you will have to overcome, but the good part is they can be overcome. But first you must overcome the thoughts that you can go it alone. Believe me you can’t. Seek Hong Kong golf instruction by contacting the Hong Kong Golf School.