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Hong Kong Golf Instruction Update 2016

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This is just a Hong Kong Golf Instruction update for those you looking to learn to play golf in 2016 and beyond. Despite several Hong Kong golf instruction facilities closing in recent years, there is some hope for those you wanting to learn to play golf in Hong Kong. Our Golf School remains one of the most popular in Hong Kong because we have our own instructors and also work with other golf schools, golf professionals and golf coaches in Hong Kong to offer up a variety of golf lesson programs at many locations in Hong Kong. Okay, so there’s not that many locations, but we have Hong Kong Island covered with Pro’s available to teach at the South China Athletic Association, a Golf Studio in Kennedy Town and an indoor golf centre in Central. So if you’re looking for Hong Kong golf instruction on Hong Kong Island, the Hong Kong Golf School will be able to fulfil your needs.

on Kowloon side, our Hong Kong golf instruction coaches teach at all the driving ranges including Whitehead Driving Range, Tai Po Golf Park so you’re also covered when it comes to taking golf lessons on Kowloon side. If you’re interested in taking golf lessons at Kau Sai Chau, unfortunately you’re shit out of luck as only resident Pro’s employed by Kau Sai Chai, are allowed to teach there. That’s no big deal for us because having a playing lesson there would be counter productive, you’re going to have people in front, people behind, and that’s no way to learn to play golf on a golf course in our opinion. Of course, you can just take normal golf lessons at KSC, I’d try and take a golf lesson at Kau Sai Chau with the Head Pro, Paul Riley, if you must take lessons there.

For playing, obviously you can play at KSC if you have a registered Handicap with the HKGA, and many new players don’t know you can play at Hong Kong Golf Club, they also have Hong Kong golf instruction programs but you need to be a member so the Hong Kong Golf Club is really just for play. Nine Eagles Golf has closed, which is no loss, as it was shite, they’re reopened somewhere, but don’t bother, they just don’t get it and are doing absolutely nothing to promote golf in Hong Kong.

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