Kau Sai Chau Hole 7

Golf Lessons at Kau Sai Chau – East Course Hole 7

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The 7th Hole on Kau Sai Chau’s East Course is another good risk-reward short Par 4.  It’s driveable, playing about 280 yards down the hill but nothing but a perfect drive will do if you want to get it on.  For those Hong Kong golfers who have just started taking golf lessons in Hong Kong and wanting to shoot a good score, an iron or wood off the tee is the right choice.  It’s a tough tee shot though, especially if you haven’t played the course before or don’t have a rangefinder.  The perfect shot is about 22o yards which will put you on a level high enough to see the green on your approach and between the two bunkers.  The longer club you choose off the tee the more risk there is of getting into trouble.  You could hit a 6 or 5 iron down there but then your approach would be a blind shot.  I hit 3 iron or 3 wood depending on the wind.

If you hit the fairway, whether it’s during a golf lesson in Hong Kong or not, your second should be with just a wedge or maybe a 8 or 9 iron to a large green with trouble left, back and right.  I foolishly hit driver once and lost the ball somewhere around the green, it’s just not worth it no matter good your golf lessons in Hong Kong have been.  Even though this hole is short, Par is a good score and it’s very easy to make a big number on this short hole at Kau Sau Chau.

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