Driving Ranges in Hong Kong

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Golf Lessons at Hong Kong Driving Ranges

Unfortunately for many hong kong golfers, practicing golf is becoming increasingly difficult in Hong Kong. Many of Hong Kong driving ranges have closed down or are closing down and now there’s almost nowhere to practice after taking golf lessons in Hong Kong. Asia Golf is still open as of this writing but it’s closing sometime this year making the closest driving range to Hong Kong Island miles away. Whitehead is a driving range in Hong Kong but it will take you a good 30-40minutes from Hong Kong Island and whole the range is quite large and expansive, it’s not that great with most of the driving range just dirt and not much grass. This Hong Kong driving range also has a short game area. The Hong Kong Golf School golf coaches have given a few lessons on this short game practice area but it’s not great and don’t expect to become a short game magician out there.

Once Asia Golf closes down there’ll be very little choice for people taking golf lessons in Hong Kong to practice what they’ve learnt from their golf lessons in Hong Kong. The South China Athletic Association also has a small driving range and golf lessons on Hong Kong Island are available there but the range is a bit shite and it’s only open during certain hours making golf lessons in Hong Kong at this driving range anywhere near ideal.

Hong Kongs only public golf course Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course in Sai Kung, also has a driving range but considering they’ve built three golf courses in Hong Kong out there, what they’ve done or rather not done to the driving range is a little mind boggling. You tee off from mats and the bays are about the size of a peanut with some bays obstructed by huge pylons. The range goes downhill then uphill and is basically just an unkept mess of long grass. Consider the spectacular views of the golf courses and the generally well kept golf course conditions, they really made a mess with this hong Kong driving range. Many people take golf lessons in Hong Kong out here but it’s not convenient for those living on Hong Kong Island and you really need to make a half or full day trip because it’s quite far.

The Hong Kong Golf School is happy to give you suggestions and advice on which driving ranges are most suitable to practice what you’ve learned in your hong kong golf lessons.