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Golf Lessons and Coaching Hong Kong

All Hong Kong golfers have to start somewhere and even the best golfers needed golfing lessons when they first hit the fairways. If you want to learn golf in Hong Kong there are plenty of places you can use whether with a Hong Kong golf coach or on your own. Here are a few tips on where and how to get the right golfing lessons to get you started:

Understand Golf!
That means knowing the rules of golf and how it’s played and what the terminology means. If you don’t know why and when somebody yells, ‘Fore!’ then make an effort to find out. Of course, you’ll learn a great deal about these rules and etiquette once you begin playing however wouldn’t it be better to have the basic idea of what they are so you come equipped every time when you take a golf lesson in Hong Kong? You can also read magazines, books and browse information on Hong Kong golf web sites. There is a lot of valuable insider info on these sources that you might not find anywhere else and will help once you begin your golf instruction in Hong Kong. Many of the best golfers even have web sites and some of them are regular contributors to many golfing sites so it’s almost like taking part in a class held by the champions, well not quite, but you get the idea.
Golf Equipment in Hong Kong
One of your first golf lessons n Hong Kong involves knowing how to buy your golf equipment. But before you rush out to buy the latest golf clubs, have a think first. One of the most common mistakes you can make as a beginner golfer is to get carried away. Spending HKD$30,000 on a new set of golf equipment may be cool, but it won’t be so cool once you find out the clubs aren’t right for you.┬áTry to learn first what types of golf clubs are right for your body size, build and playing style because there’s lots to choose from. Go lightly at first and build your arsenal slowly as you progress in your golfing lessons. We recommend buying all your golf clubs at Golf Shop Hong Kong. These guys are very knowledgeable and will give you some advice. On top of that the guys who run Golf Shop Hong Kong are former Golf Pro’s so know the game. Their prices are also amongst the cheapest in Hong Kong making them the most popular golf shop in Hong Kong for serious and beginning golfers. Check out their website at

Taking Golf Lessons
Golf books and the web may be excellent sources of golf coaching but everything you get here are just theories and it makes it difficult to progress as a player if you only use these. So where can you find golf lessons in Hong Kong? Start with your local driving range and The Hong Kong Golf School. A Hong Kong golf coach will cost more money but you will be taking golf lessons from one of the best. I often recommend this because how you learn your first golf lessons will impact your game later. If you learn the wrong techniques, you’re more likely to screw up your game. Professional instructors in Hong Kong can guide you on what you should do to get it right the first time. Find out more at the Hong Kong Golf School.

For more information on golf lessons in Hong Kong and to get in contact with one of our Hong Kong Golf coaches, visit our contact page.