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Beginner Golf Instruction

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Today’s post is by Helmut Myer, one of our beginner golf instruction  alumni who is kind enough to share his thoughts about beginner golf instruction and learning to play golf in Hong Kong.

Learning to play golf is difficult, learning to play golf in Hong Kong is even more difficult. There’s so many things to learn and when you’re completely new to golf as I was, it’s just a daunting task.  When I researched beginner golf instruction in Hong Kong I came across The Hong Kong Golf School and thankfully they explained a lot of things to me and made getting started hassle-free and made me very excited to start getting beginner golf instruction in Hong Kong.

I wasn’t sure whether to buy a new set of golf clubs or just use a few irons that their golf instructors provided. The Pro advised that if I was serious about beginner golf instruction and learning to play golf properly, I should make the investment and buy a full set of golf clubs that were suitable for beginners in Hong Kong.  I wasn’t pressured, and they put onto the guys at the HK Golfer Store, who had a good deal going on beginner golf clubs from TaylorMade Hong Kong. I shopped around a bit, and found their prices to be comparable to any golf shop in Hong Kong, but their service was excellent, they didn’t just try and sell me a set of golf clubs and I could tell they really cared that I made the right decision and even suggested I look around to see what else is out there.  I can tell you, don’t bother, even in the unlikely event you did find a cheaper price, it’s my opinion that this online golf store in Hong kong is leading the way when it comes to customer service and providing advice for people new to golf.

There’s a lot to learn about beginner golf instruction and golf in general, but the HK Golfer Store explained all the ins and outs of buying golf clubs and I never felt pressured into buying something from them. This is very rare in Hong Kong and anywhere around the world.   If you’re contemplating buying golf clubs for your beginner golf instruction in Hong Kong, I strongly recommend the Hong Kong Golf School and the HK Golfer Store to start you off on the right foot. The Hong kong Golf School were also very patient and I’m not a naturally talented sports person so didn’t find the game easy to begin with, but with the help of my very patient instructor, I’ve managed to get a handicap and are now shooting in the 90’s at Kau Sai Chau within a year of starting to play golf and taking beginner golf instruction in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Golf School.

Do yourself a favour and save yourself some time by taking beginner golf instruction with the Hong Kong Golf School and getting your beginner golf clubs at the HK Golfer Store.