Balance in Your Golf Swing

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Golf Lessons Hong Kong Island

By Guest Hong Kong Golf Coach Richard Chen

The Hong Kong golfer who’s taking golf lessons on Hong Kong Island must be balanced at address. In order to feel confident in your stance, your feet should be shoulder length apart and your knees should be slightly flexed. This is an athletic position and it will allow you to begin your swing while feeling confident and strong. If you play tennis, think about getting ready for a serve, this is a similar athletic position you can think about while taking a golf lesson in Hong Kong.

The golfer begins the swing while turning his club, body and hips back and to the right. When the hips are the engine of the swing, the golfer should not have a problem remaining balanced and in this athletic position. However, if the golfer decides to speed up the swing and lead with the hands or arms, he may try to affect a weight shift by swaying backwards with the hips. That could result in a loss of balance and then you’ll need to take a golf lesson in Hong Kong from a good golf coach.

It’s important to concentrate on the back of the ball through the downswing and after contact. Sometimes the Hong Kong golfer is interested in seeing the results of his shot and will pick his head up early in the process so he can see where the ball has gone. Picking up your head will almost certainly result in a loss of rhythm to the swing and a loss of balance. Trying to put too much power behind the swing will also result in balance being impacted. You should allow the natural rhythm of your weight shift to direct the speed of your swing, not the speed of your arms. For more lessons on balance in the golf swing, talk to one of our Hong Kong golf coaches who can setup a golf lesson on Hong Kong Island to work specifically on your balance.