beginner golf instruction

Beginner Golf Instruction

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Today’s post is by Helmut Myer, one of our beginner golf instruction ¬†alumni who is kind enough to share his thoughts about beginner golf instruction and learning to play golf in Hong Kong. Learning to play golf is difficult, learning to play golf in Hong Kong is even more difficult. There’s so many things to learn and when you’re completely …

Golf Range Hong Kong

The Worst Golf Range Hong Kong

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Guest blogger Frankie Leung let’s us know the worst golf range Hong Kong in today’s post. Firstly, if you’re one of those eternal optimists, and want to know what the best golf range Hong Kong is, then head on over to this post: I’ve been to every single golf range Hong Kong and let me tell ya all, choosing …

Hong Kong Golf Driving Range

Hong Kong Golf Driving Range Locations

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Guest Blogger William Ho discusses Hong Kong Golf Driving Range locations today, specifically, where you can find all the Hong Kong Golf Driving Range facilities all over Hong Kong. Let’s start with any Hong Kong Golf Driving Range in Central or on Hong Kong Island. This is pretty easy because there isn’t any. Well not in the true sense of …

Australian golf academy Hong Kong

Australian Golf Academy Hong Kong

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Are we an Australian golf academy Hong Kong? The Hong Kong Golf School has different nationalities who teach golf in Hong Kong. We have a golf instructor from New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, England and one from Australia, but it doesn’t make us an Australian golf academy Hong Kong. Are there are golf academies in Hong Kong that can truly …

Golf Simulator Hong Kong

Golf Simulator Hong Kong

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For many people playing golf in Hong Kong, playing on a golf simulator Hong Kong is going to be the main way they learn the game of golf. With the Hong Kong Government doing absolutely nothing to promote the game of golf in Hong Kong, a golf simulator Hong Kong is the only way for people to get a tasted …

Hong Kong Golf Instruction

Hong Kong Golf Instruction

golflessonshongkong Golf Instruction Hong Kong

This post titled Hong Kong Golf Instruction is contributed by guest blogger Jerry Hewson. Jerry has been involved in different areas of Hong Kong golf instruction for over a decade and now plays off a 12 handicap. Beginner Hong Kong golf instruction is vital for all newcomers to golf. The reason Hong Kong golf instruction should be taken seriously is …